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Greenbook Productions

Old News

1/8/11 A new site for our local church now up at One can watch videos of Sabbath sermons and a live webcast from the Louisville Church of God, a Worldwide Association congregation!
5/29/08 RED SEVEN and 4 other short films will play Wednesday, June 4th at Celebration Cinema in Lansing. Admission will be $8 and the show starts at 7pm. Come support the local arts!
4/30/08 Revamping of the website has begun! The Filmography and Home pages have been completed thus far. I've also caught wind that The Model Father, by Shane Hagedorn, will be out soon. Congrats to all that worked so hard on that film. I was very glad to be a part of it.
2/9/08 The Collaborator and Bio pages have been updated.
11/18/07 is temporarily shut down to switch away from because I don't approve of their distasteful ad campaign. Stay tuned.
10/26/07 Wonky played as part of the Thriller!Chiller! Film Festival at the Wealthy Street Theatre of Grand Rapids, MI. Many thanks to Anthony Griffin and all that attended!
10/15/07 Wonky has begun to show up on
9/15/07 Sinners & Trash Collectors has been uploaded on Click here to watch it in all of it's compressed glory.
9/6/07 Sinners & Trash Collectors (aka Y Marks The Spot) plays at the True North Film Festival on Sept 14th at Grand Rapids' Wealthy Theatre. Tickets are $8 and the festival kicks off at 7pm!
8/14/07 Sinners & Trash Collectors (aka Y Marks The Spot) was turned in today.
8/7/07 Sinners & Trash Collectors (aka Y Marks The Spot for the contest) has been completely edited.
7/30/07 The Tin God and RED SEVEN have begun to show up on (the Internet Movie Database) Heck yeah!
6/16/07 RED SEVEN played at The Planet Ant Film & Video festival in Hamtramck, MI. Thanks to all that attended!
6/11/07 The Tin God and RED SEVEN played during the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts June 1st-3rd. Thanks to all that went, put up with the technical issues, and still enjoyed a rainy weekend.


5/8/07 Wonky and RED SEVEN played in Ann Arbor, MI at the Michigan Theater for CinemaSlam. Thanks for all that showed!
2/14/07 RED SEVEN is now up online on here,, and
1/25/07 RED SEVEN won the Best Acting award last night in Philadelphia's Project Twenty1. Good job, Team with No Name!
1/20/07 Wonky screened at the Don Brown Gallery in DeWitt, MI
1/9/07 Red Seven will be screening in Philly as part of the Best of Projecttwenty1 on Jan 24th. It has been nominated for the awards of Best Acting, Best Directing, Best Marketing, and Best Film! Click here for details
12/07/06 Red Seven is the name of the new entry project I edited for the Projecttwenty1 contest in Philadelphia, PA and was submitted by our team, Team With No Name.
11/11/06 The Tin God had a long lost review of its DVD. It can be found here on Thanks to Mike and Tim!
11/5/06 Wonky the 5 minute "horror dramedy" created in less than 48 hours for the ELFF 48/5 film contest premiered.
10/2/06 The Tin God completely uploaded up on its official site, Youtube, Google video, Myspace, and
10/1/06 The Tin God and Cold Reading played at The Don Brown Gallery along with a collection of other local shorts.
9/23/06 Cold Reading and Having Second Thoughts played at The Don Brown Gallery in DeWitt, Mi with a collection of other local shorts.
7/27/06 The Tin God launched its own official site.
7/27/06 Cold Reading has been entirely uploaded for viewing on its official site., Myspace, Youtube, and
4/21/06 Greenbook shorts have been uploaded to Type in "greenbook"
12/14/05 The Tin God played at the Wealthy Steet Theatre in downtown Grand Rapids. It is part of a year end function put on by the West Michigan Film and Video Alliance . Much thanks to A.E. Griffin!
11/9/05 The Tin God got a write up in the Lansing City Pulse Click here for the article.
9/15/05 The Tin God premiered at Magdalena's Tea House in Lansing, Mi.



Wonky (2007)


Sinners & Trash Collectors (2007)
RED SEVEN teaser
Red Seven poster
The Tin God trailer
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