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Greenbook Productions


Here is a list of people that I work with (click on blue text)


A.E. Griffin - is a digital cinematographer/producer extraordinare who owns the UnSAFE Film Office, LLC. He's worked on at least 3 feature length projects including Love and Plutonium and Weenie Roast Massacre from Loose Change Entertainment. Most recently, he demonstrated his unique "awkward" camera camera talents and techniques on Greenbook Production's short film, The Tin God and Wonky. AEG has recently flexed his directing muscle for his own films of All You've Got, Nice Guy Blues, and RED SEVEN.


Lucas Ostrowski is a filmmaker that currently resides with his wife near Boston, Ma were he works in the film department at Emerson College. He holds bachelor degrees in Video production & General Communications from Grand Valley State University. He also has an MFA from Ohio University. Ostrowski started film at Lansing Community College in Lansing, MI. While there, he dabbled in radio and film production and met Brandon Bartkowiak. Their collaborations have been deemed Two Poles and No Flag Pictures. He can be contacted at and through his website.


Michael McCallum was born in Lansing, Michigan, where he currently resides. He attended Lansing Community College and graduated from the acting studio. He has acted in several local plays: Suburbia, Spoon River Anthology, Othello, Road Through Hell and many more. Michael also has acted in over 22 local movies (including Perception and Cold Reading). He has made four short films of his own under his Co. name Rebel Pictures. (named after his admiration for James Dean, Marlon Brando and Paul Newman) He is working on his first feature film titled Fairview St. On top of all this, he writes poetry and publishes his own poetry books. Michael can be contacted at


Shane Hagedorn is a filmmaker who currently resides in Mid-Michigan. Shane has acted in dozens of plays including Steve Martin's hit "Picasso at the LaPan Agile" as Picasso, "Dark of the Moon" as Marvin Hudgens and Tennesee Williams' "Strange Kind of Romance" as The Old Man. While enrolled in Lansing Community College's Theatre Program, Shane earned himself a nominee for "The Irene Ryan Acting Competitions" for his role as the Falcon, in "Conference of the Birds."  In "The Three Musketeers" as Porthos, he studied for over a year with a 16th century Fabris-style of Rapier sword. As an ensemble member and combatant in "The Art of Combat" stage combat troop, he was able to master such disciplines as Rapier and Cloak and Rapier and Dagger.  Shane is currently in post production with the dramatic noir, The Model Father, he wrote and directed. He is also collaborating in several short and feature productions under his company's name New House Entertainment (He starred in Cold Reading).

Lela Ivey is a filmmaker, director, and actress. She teaches Audition and Action for the Camera at Lansing Community College. She had a long stint in L.A. where she acted in over 30 movies and tv shows. Her screen credits include "Pleasantville", "Big", "Bean", and "The Addams Family." Her most notable tv appearances have been on "Party of Five" and "Quantum Leap." Lela has directed stage performances of "The Laramie Project," "The Vicki Cushions Project," "Spring Awakening," and "Salome" at LCC.


Justin Muschong  is a filmmaker originally from Sterling Heights, Mi who currently resides in New York City. He graduated from Michigan State University in 2003 with a degree in English w/ a film option. Justin wrote and acted in his first feature film, Money, Guns and Coffee which debuted in February 2003. He has since written, directed, and acted in other various projects including his own short films, Backspace and Something Awkward. Justin is always glad to lend a helping hand whether it be on stage or on set (including writing Sinners & Trash Collectors, The Tin God , Wonky, and Perceptions).


Anthony Rodebaugh - Anthony is a music producer/recordist. He records bands and mixes audio for film. Visit his site for more info (click link above). He also acts once in a while (as Tony in Having Second Thoughts and Sinners & Trash Collectors ).


Christopher Hansen
Matt McCarty
Nicholas Kressler
Ken Orlich
Brittany Peet
Joel Reitsma
Sineh Wurie