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Greenbook Productions

Résumé & Bio

Brandon Bartkowiak - Freelance Video Producer

"Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, for I wait for You" (Psalm 24:21 NKJV)

Brandon Bartkowiak was born in Elgin, Illinois and currently resides near Louisville, Kentucky. Brandon has produced films and video projects since he was five years old (when he first used a huge VHS camcorder). He is a 1999 graduate of DeWitt High School in DeWitt, MI. In spring of 2002, he received his Associates Degree in Motion Picture Direction from Lansing Community College (MI). In 2007, he completed a BS in Video Production at Grand Valley State University (MI). 

On April 11, 2008, Brandon shed independent filmmaking/selfish ambitions to become a "new man" for God. That October, he and his wife (Nicole) moved from Michigan to find steady work and start a family. Brandon currently heads audio/video production in the Louisville congregation of Church of God, a Worldwide Association. Brandon and Nicole have one son, Isaac, and are expecting another. His only future aspiration connected to filmmaking would involve spreading the good news of God's coming kingdom.


B.S., Video Production, 2007

Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI


A.A., Motion Picture Direction, 2002

Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI


Professional Experience

 Freelance Video Editor & Dvd Author

May 2013-Present

Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA)

ˇ         Offline editing of audio and video content

ˇ         Creates variety of media formats/codecs for online distribution

ˇ         Produces master DVDs for national and international distribution

ˇ         Assembles and oversees mass DVD duplications

Videographer, Video Editor, & Dvd Author


Blue Light Players - acting troupe

ˇ         Operated video camera during live performances

ˇ         Provided video editing

ˇ         Produced master DVD for distribution


Independent Filmmaker


Greenbook Productions

ˇ         Researched, collaborated, and developed scripted projects

ˇ         Became fluent with professional film and video cameras

ˇ         Planned, storyboarded, and held auditions for productions

ˇ         Directed both character-driven and heavily staged action sequences

ˇ         Promoted and procured public screenings

ˇ         Produced 10+ short films with national and online distribution


Videographer & A/V Technician


Lansing Community College (MI.)

ˇ         Videotaped performances in “Acting for the Camera” class

ˇ         Provided technical assistance


Intern & Production Assistant


Mirage Technologies Inc. - special effects company

ˇ         Operated studio cameras for local city council meetings

ˇ         Constructed sets and props

ˇ         Worked with pyrotechnics and blank-fire weapons


Volunteer Experience


Nov 2011-Present

COGWA – Louisville, KY.

ˇ         Maintains a local congregation subdomain

ˇ         Manages and uploads weekly media content


Video Editor & Dvd Author

Sept 2011-May 2013

Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA)

ˇ         Offline editing of media content

ˇ         Created a variety of encoded formats for online marketing and distribution

ˇ         Produced master DVDs for national and international distribution



Nov 2011-Oct 2013

COGWA – Henderson, KY.

ˇ         Maintained a local congregation subdomain

ˇ         Managed weekly upload of media content


Videographer & Manager of Audio/Video Production


COGWA – Louisville

ˇ         Operates video camera

ˇ         Maintains digital archive

ˇ         Edits media content for online showcasing

ˇ         Coordinates equipment setup

ˇ         Directs live webcast and event recording

ˇ         Researches and recommends all equipment purchases

ˇ         Manages production team schedules

ˇ         Responsible for equipment storage


Videographer                                                                                                                                2011

Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA) - Fundamental Beliefs Video Project

ˇ         Researched and recommended equipment purchases

ˇ         Coordinated multi-camera production

ˇ         Composed lighting setup

ˇ         Operated video camera


Manager of Audio/Video Production


United Church of God – Louisville

ˇ         Oversaw live webcast and audio recordings

ˇ         Managed production team schedules


Co-Director & Grant Writer


Humane Society of Kent County (MI.)

ˇ         Helped produce  instructional video for a non-profit organization


Technical Director


“Timeslot” - public access cable show

ˇ         Ran master control

ˇ         Operated broadcast cameras

Editing Demo Reel:


Graphic Design Reel:



Sound Design Reel:

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